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Below are several samples of commercial products I helped create. 

Additional information about each title (or regarding other products I've worked on) are available upon request.

Adventure Academy: Intellipet Adventures


Intellipet Adventures is a new game mode contained in Adventure Academy. It combines learning and adventure in a new area called Astraland for players to explore! A game of Intellipet Adventures can have 1-20 players.

In Intellipet Adventures, players will be introduced to the inhabitants of Astraland: Furopians and Starlings.

  • Furopians are the NPCs (non-player characters) that players can speak to and get Quests from.

  • Starlings are creatures that Furopians and players can have as Pets. They love to explore new things with curious students and play Knowledge Battles.

Players can do the following in Intellipet Adventures:

  • Knowledge Battles

  • Encounter learning moments through exploring Astraland's environment

  • Quests (specific to Astraland)

  • Have Starling companions to journey with them


  • Designed, developed, and produced multiple successful features for the hit children's MMO, Adventure Academy

  • Directed creative work for new features including massive new metaworld zone (story development/narrative, art, animation, UX, voice over, music) 

  • Defined feature specifications through comprehensive documentation, and prototypes

  • Roadmapped release plans and managed scope of product portfolio

  • Pitched major features to executives and key stakeholders based on competitive analysis and market research

  • Ran AB tests to validate hypotheses and understand user behavior using BI metrics

  • Conducted pre and post release analysis with data scientists to inform future decisions

  • Prioritized backlogs (epics, user stories, tasks) for multiple development teams

  • Closely collaborated with  executive stakeholders, user research teams, and data scientists to make informed business decisions about overall product direction

  • Served as key approver/stakeholder for multiple  internal and external development teams as well as overseas vendors

Adventure Academy: Meta and Multiplayer


  • Your quest for knowledge begins now!

  • Adventure Academy is the new interactive learning program for kids from the creators of ABCmouse! The Founders of this prestigious school have created one of the world’s largest collections of educational games, books, learning challenges, and more, all designed to help strengthen children’s skills across thousands of key elementary and middle school learning objectives.

  • Key Features:

  • Discover and play thousands of learning activities to help boost key skills and abilities across many subjects, including math, language arts, reading, science, social studies, and more

  • Share amazing experiences with your best friends in a safe and secure environment

  • Play simultaneously with up to three other scholars within the same account on your individual smartphone, tablet, or computer

  • Crafted by teachers and early learning education experts with a curriculum-first approach

(See Pet Adventures)

My Reading Academy


  • My Reading Academy places students at the center of learning

  • My Reading Academy offers a game-based learning approach that provides interactivity, adaptive challenges, and ongoing feedback to sustain engagement and motivation.

  • Interactive and flexible formative assessments place students in the program in a fraction of the time of traditional placement tests, leaving more time for learning. 

  • Continuous embedded assessments keep students in their Zone of Proximal Development, with just the right amount of productive struggle to maximize learning rate.

  • Developed to accelerate student learning while supporting teachers.


  • Oversaw multiple teams for children’s mobile games

  • Managed multiple development teams and shipped 12 major releases for container app which consisted of 50+ activities to Apple and Android Stores

  • Facilitated all Scrum ceremonies including Daily Standup, Backlog

  • Grooming/Refinement, Sprint Retrospectives, Sprint Review, and Sprint Planning

  • Coached 30+ team members in Agile practices

  • Managed multiple direct reports including Scrum Masters with their own teams

  • Worked with Product Owners and Stakeholders to ensure feedback delivery

  • Facilitated the removal of impediments and dependencies

  • Hosted Release and Incident post-mortems to help improve processes

My Math Academy


  • From the creators of ABCmouse, My Math Academy is a research-validated, adaptive math solution for students in Pre-K through 2nd grade.

  • Journey with our Shapeys to explore a circus, farm, ancient pyramids, underground waters, rocket to the skies, and more!

  • Developed to accelerate learning, My Math Academy provides fun, interactive math content that gives each student a personalized pathway to success.

  • My Math Academy offers a game-based learning approach that provides interactivity, adaptive challenges, and ongoing feedback to sustain engagement and motivation.

  • Interactive, flexible formative assessments place students in the program in a fraction of the time of traditional placement tests, leaving more time for learning.

  • Continuous embedded assessments are designed to keep students in their Zone of Proximal Development, with just the right amount of productive struggle to maximize learning.


(See My Reading Academy)

Disney Imagicademy


Disney Imagicademy was a revolutionary kids educational brand consisting of apps, interactive toys, and books.  The product was revealed at a White House event in Washington DC.  At the event, President Obama announced Disney's pledge of $55M in books and apps for young learners.   

Read with Doc McStuffins
· Featured as "Best New App" on iTunes
· 4.0 Common Sense Media Rating
· Based on massively popular Disney Junior TV show "Doc McStuffins"

Mickey's Magical Math World
· Reached #1 iPad Kids downloads in 84 different countries
· Reached #1 iPad Education downloads in 63 different countries
· Reached #1 iPad Kids grossing in 37 different countries
· Reached #1 iPad Education downloads in 35 different countries
· 2015 Cynopsis !magination Award Winner – Best Mobile App (Educational)
· 2015 Tillywig Award – Brain Child
· 2015 Parents’ Choice Recommended Award Winner

Mickey's Shapes Sing-Along by Disney Imagicademy
· Reached #1 iPad Kids downloads in 12 different countries
· Reached #1 iPad Education downloads in 18 different countries
· Reached #1 iPad Kids grossing in 7 different countries
· Reached #1 iPad Education downloads in 8 different countries
· 2015 Parents’ Choice Approved Award Winner


  • Produce Mickey’s Magical Math World (5 games), Read with Doc McStuffins (10 games) 

  • Lead producer on Mickey’s Shapes Sing-Along, which was featured on iTunes for two consecutive weeks and was optioned as an in-store demo in all Apple Stores

  • Apps were features in the app store and reached #1 in multiple categories

  • Worked with Disney's User Research team to conduct lab studies to test engagement

  • Conducted user insights interviews with target demographic to garner design feedback 

  • Procured docs for Business Affairs, legal clearances, and security reviews

  • Ideated and pitched project ideas and game designs to stakeholders

  • Researched and wrote reports about competitive apps in the marketplace

  • Owned Audio and VO recording process with Disney Character Voices



  • 4V1: Team up with three friends to hunt a powerful evolving beast or go it alone as the Monster and show your friends who’s boss.

  • 5 Monsters Behemoth, a massive rock beast, and Gorgon, a stealthy spider-like creature, join Goliath, Kraken and Wraith as the five playable monster bosses. Use savage abilities and an animalistic sense to wreak havoc, kill the Hunters and become the apex predator.

  • 20 Hunters: Every role is vital and teamwork is key in surviving an encounter with the monster. Whether you play as Assault, Trapper, Medic or Support, with five characters in each class, there is a Hunter for every play style.

  • Get Ranked: Hunt 2.0 is a leap forward for Evolve’s matchmaking and ranking mechanics to pit you against players of equal skill. Win and climb your way up to the top of your class.

  • Dynamic Campaign: Join the fight to save the colony or be the Monsters that destroys it in Evacuation.

  • Offline Play: Experience the thrill of the hunt offline. Play as all four Hunters, swapping between each class instantly in the heat of battle, or sharpen your Monster skills by hunting down the team.


  • Identified outsourcing opportunities to studios for 2D and 3D art production

  • Planned resource allocation for projects with THQ Shanghai

  • Traveled to vendors in Shanghai, China to manage product development

  • Prepared contracts for THQ legal department and invoicing to vendors

  • Ensured on-time and in-budget production by identifying pipeline issues

  •  Coordinated project bidding and evaluation process with studios and vendors

  • Set up studio and vendor tool/communication process

  • Resolve pipeline issues impeding vendor or studio ability to deliver assets

  • Manage relationships with internal studio project managers and vendors

UFC Undisputed 3


  • Compete for the first time within the legendary Pride environment featuring official announcers and renowned Japanese MMA league rules, including brutal soccer-style kicks, head stomps and ground knees to the head

  • With punishing new moves, a brand new submission system and increased focus on presentation, players will have more options than ever to take advantage of a downed opponent

  • Experience the intensity of UFC with new camera positions, compelling fighter entrances, improved facial animations and a gritty, high contrast appearance

  • Get inside the Octagon with a choice between traditional and simplified gameplay control options

  • Go head to head with more than 150 prolific UFC fighters, including the addition of Featherweight and Bantamweight divisions

  • 86 Meta Critic Score


  • Published Titles: UFC Undisputed 3 and UFC Personal Trainer

  • Managed the overseas production of 100+ high-res character models

  • Tracked production progress and cost to meet deadlines within budget

  • Managed team of artists to create 2D assets to be used in-game

  • Worked directly with the franchise (UFC) for approvals for all character assets

  • Worked directly with various sports agents and sponsors for in-game ads

  • Liaised between the game studios and art vendors to resolve production issues

  • Provided art, tech support, docs and materials to art vendors

  • Directed VO recordings and conducted interviews with celebrity characters

  • Talent relations for UFC fighters and celebrities appearing in-game

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